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About Me

My name is Alvin, but you can call me "Hq". I am a Christian photographer who is passionate about the craft. My passion for meeting the needs of the client and using the world around us as a source of inspiration is what drives me to keep perfecting my craft. I combine my love for creating and the expression of it through photography to help elevate the work that I do for you. 


What best describes my photography style? I like to think of it as a combination of personal relationships, fun, creativity, realness, and innovation. I am not afraid to push boundaries or experiment with new ideas to make sure your experience shooting with me is an unforgettable one. 


Our mission at HQVisualss is to help capture unforgettable milestones and moments in your life through our unique lens of dynamic, refreshing, inspiring, and bold pictures.

Contact Me

Instagram: @hqvisualss


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